Rhonda Allison Instant Relief

Product Description

Provide instant, soothing relief with the calming support of milk protein, the long-lasting essence of heavy water and the intense hydration of refined grape seed oil. Feel immediate reprieve from dry irritation as skin is nourished and renewed with hydrating support.

System Includes:

Soothing Cream Cleanse 120ml
Hydra Soothe Spritz 120ml
Grape Seed Replenish 50ml

Recommended Use
Cleanse skin AM and PM with our Soothing Cream Cleanse for a thorough cleanse. Massage into skin for several minutes (don’t rush this step). Remove with tepid water and soft cloth, then pat skin dry. Follow with a soothing “drink of water” using our HA Soothe Spritz an all-natural hydrator that leaves skin cool and refreshed. Spritz on clean, dry skin and let product absorb. May also mist skin throughout the day over serums, SPF and IllumiColour Mineral Finisher for additional hydration. For an extra-cooling sensation, keep in the refrigerator. Apply our Grape Seed Replenish either AM or PM or both for increased hydration and replenishing antioxidant support. Dispense 1-2 pumps onto fingertips and gently massage into clean, dry skin. Apply over HA Soothe Spritz. Let serum absorb and remain on skin. May blend a few drops in with other serums or moisturizers for added benefits.

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