Rhonda Allison Body Reform Home System

Product Description
Nude Therapies BODY Reform Home System offers the perfect solution for targeting specific body concerns, allowing you to focus in on these stubborn skin issues. Containing elements typically reserved for the most exclusive facial products, including AHA, Peptides, Retinols, Plant Stem Cells, and EGF, this is a non-invasive body contouring system that reforms skin for a smooth, youthful appearance.    

Kit Includes:
  • Bamboo Scrub (60ml)
  • Energizing Peptide Spritz (30ml)
  • Bio Reform 28 (30ml)
  • Phyto-Endorphin

Recommended Use

Using natural pearl powder and bamboo extracts, Bamboo Scrub is a daily exfoliator that gently lifts away unwanted dead skin cells with ease. Apply daily to dampened skin - massage well into desired areas in circular motion for several minutes. Rinse thoroughly and rub vigorously with dry towel for maximum exfoliation. With age-reducing peptides and and supportive elements for body tissue, Energizing Peptide Spritz is an all-over, silky liquid renew serum to hydrate and dry, depleted area and target cellulite to firm and tone, flushing harmful metals, wastes, and toxins to leave skin plump and fresh. Mist onto desired areas and gently pat into skin. Let absorb until skin is dry. Bio Reform 28, an age reversal complex with EGF and plant stem cells, attends to the needs of body tissue like no other product on the market to protect and correct even the most challenging body re-texturing demands to firm skin even coloration - great for the neck and décolleté. Apply over Energizing Peptide Spritz. Massage into skin thoroughly until product is completely absorbed. A revolutionary pro-youth complex for the hands and forearms, Phtyo-Endorphin Hand Cream contain mood-enhancing monk's pepper, daisy flower, and tocopherols to super-infuse vital elements into the skin, reducing age spots, providing antioxidant support, moisturizing, and plumping skin for a radiant, healthy glow. Apply several times throughout the day to dry hands. Let absorb and remain on skin. Massage a generous amount into hands and forearms before retiring to allow actives to continue to support skin all night.

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